Image and reputation analysis (CH/D/AUT September 2008)


Our client - one of the leading international catering management companies with its headquarters in Switzerland - wanted to position itself amongst its stakeholders with a more sharply focussed image and an enhanced reputation.


Anovum developed a tool for the measurement and analysis of image and reputation in different stakeholder groups and thus created the basis for the development of the client’s new communication strategy.

The different international stakeholders were surveyed using an online-platform. The data was then analysed using specific analytical tools (Commitment Model, LV PLS).  The methods used made it possible to identify for each stakeholder group those starting points that could help corporate communication to manage behaviour-relevant attitudes towards the brand in an efficient way.


  • Objective capturing of subjective perceptions of the different stakeholders
  • Comparison of image perceptions with the most important competitors on the market
  • Revealing reasons for the different images
  • Determining the drivers of reputation
  • Recommendations for re-positioning with regard to the emotionalisation of the brand, imagery, tonality, advertising media and measures