Service leadership in the B2B area (Switzerland 2008)


Our client - one of the leading providers of medical devices in Switzerland and market leader in its segment - was aiming for service leadership.


Anovum created a measurement and analysis tool that was used to collect all relevant dimensions of quality of service critical to success. The data was collected using the client’s online platform. Analysis focused, on the one hand, on determining the strengths and weaknesses compared to those of the competitors (=quality of service), but also on the influence of these dimensions on commitment and on the share of wallet (=customer loyalty).


  • Uncovered important strengths and weaknesses critical for the business and compared them with those of the most important competitors.
  • Demonstrated the connections between quality of service, customer satisfaction, commitment and share of wallet.
  • Deduced the most important starting points for improvement in order to achieve service leadership and to increase the share of wallet.

Further information:

The tool we developed there still serves as the basis for a regular tracking study to measure changes in performance from the point of view of the customer.
The tool is also intended to be used in various affiliated companies.