Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM)

The concept

Customer communication, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty play an increasingly important role in corporate strategy. Companies use more and more quantitative surveys in order to gain an understanding of the needs, wishes and points of view of their customers or other stakeholders. In doing so they can obtain important information on how to develop their range of products, distribution, communication and pricing policies.

The use of Enterprise Feedback Management software enables companies today to collect and analyse feedback from all stakeholders (customers, employees, partners etc.) continuously, timely and efficiently.

However, the use of EFM as a pure data collection and reporting tool does not lead per se to increased corporate success. The EFM concept employed is at least as important as the technology used. EFM can only be implemented successfully if relevant measures are used that are linked to corporate success and if customers are surveyed on the relevant touchpoints.

Enterprise Feedback Management


An Enterprise Feedback Management package that is continuously collecting data and linking this to corporate success offers the following advantages:

Increase in quality:

  • Higher response rates thanks to selective surveying. Only those customers who experienced the particular touchpoint are surveyed.
  • High-quality data and results thanks to the timely surveying of customers. Customers are approached directly after contact.
  • Higher quota of completed questionnaires thanks to the use of short surveys. Customers are only asked about the touchpoint.
  • More valid tracking data thanks to the use of continuous surveys. Customers are surveyed all year round and not only at the point in time when the survey is commissioned.


  • The company can react immediately to negative feedback.
  • Incentive for making improvements because their success can be directly assessed.
  • Medium-term cost savings through automation.

Benefits and Uses of Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM)

Enterprise Feedback Management systems are mostly used across departments in market research, sales, marketing, purchasing, R&D etc. in order to measure and optimise

  • the customer experience
  • the internal and external quality of service
  • customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • communication measures
  • employee satisfaction and employee loyalty
  • the performance of the sales department
  • the performance of call centres
  • supplier relations

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