Pricing research (Pricing – Price optimization)

Why do pricing research?

The question of the right price for a product or service is essential for all companies. If a price is set too low or too high this will result in a reduction in profits.


Pricing is one of the most direct influencing factors and has one of the highest levering effects on profitability. That is why it is important to determine a price that

  • is accepted by customers,
  • is competitive, and,
  • economically optimal for the company.


Pricing research is used, amongst other things, to:

  • define optimal prices for new products or services
  • adjust prices for re-launches
  • adjust a company’s own prices after price changes, new launches or re-launches by competitors
  • determine optimal prices in order to reach clearly defined goals such as an increase in turnover or profit optimization

Pricing research is often combined with product design studies.

Anovum uses a variety of methods for the determination of the optimal price, including:

Case studies on pricing research (Pricing – Price Optimization)

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