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International tracking study (EuroTrak, APACTrak) to improve hearing aid provision in 16 countries on 3 continents

The European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association (EHIMA) and the associations of the hearing aid industry in individual countries aim to improve the provision of hearing aids to the population. To do this, they need internationally comparable and representative basic data on the perception of hearing loss and the benefits of hearing aids. In 2010 we carried out the EuroTrak study for the first time, which provided the basic data for Germany, France and Great Britain. Building on this, Anovum developed further studies in 16 countries on three continents.

The results are used by hearing aid manufacturers and associations to take specific measures to improve hearing aid supply. These include for example, targeted information campaigns, the promotion of training for hearing care professionals and the creation of incentives for the use of hearing aids.

  • EHIMA, EuroTrak, APACTrak

  • Representative online surveys: AUS, BEL, CH, DNK, ESP, FRA, GER ITA, JAP, KOR, NLD, NOR, NZL, POL, UK

  • Face 2 Face survey in China

  • Implementation since 2010

On the EHIMA website you can download all freely accessible reports and presentations in English.

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