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Internationally usable segmentations (B2C/B2B)

A global electronic equipment manufacturer engaged Anovum to improve marketing efficiency through end-user (B2C) segmentation and reseller (B2B) segmentation. Cluster structures could be identified through extensive surveys of end customers, potential customers and resellers in the main markets and targeted analyzes of the collected data.
Segments with similar needs, pain points and barriers to buying (B2C) or selling (B2C) were defined and described using personas.
The client developed marketing activities tailored to the segments. 
The segmentation models can be used internationally. End users and resellers can each be assigned to the segments using a short questionnaire (typing tools/golden questions).

  • MaxDiff (Best/Worst) scaling

  • TURF analysis

  • Cluster analyses

  • Latent class

  • Typing tool / Golden questions

  • Naïve Bayes

  • Online surveys B2C and B2C

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