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Offer optimization and determination of willingness to pay in telecommunications (B2B and B2C)

A telecommunications company wanted to optimize its offers in fixed network, Internet, mobile and services for SMEs and private customers to meet changing customer needs. To this end, those responsible for telecommunications in small and medium-sized companies and private households throughout Switzerland were surveyed. The willingness to pay for the individual elements of the offer could be determined to find the most attractive combinations. The combination of price research methods enabled a target group-specific determination of the willingness to pay for different packages. The client was able to adapt its offers and price plans to customer needs and thus successfully gain market share. 

  • Conjoint analysis

  • Van Westendorp

  • Gabor Granger

  • Purchase Propensity Meter

  • MaxDiff (Best/Worst) scaling

  • TURF analysis

  • Online surveys (B2B and B2C)

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